May 5, 2022

Conservative Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Mark Kelly joined their Republican colleagues in blocking President Biden from declaring a national emergency from the effects of climate change. The Biden administration has been under pressure from environmentalists to declare the emergency from his first days in office and although the decision is non-binding, Manchin and Kelly have shown where their loyalties lie on climate issues.
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The Young Turks: May 5, 2022

The newest chapter in the Madison Cawthorn opposition research saga has unfolded as a newly leaked video shows him simulating sexual acts allegedly with his male cousin. Cawthorn has been hit with the incredibly sinister opposition research campaign seemingly from members of his own party after he claimed that the Republican Party holds cocaine-fueled orgy parties.
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The man who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle on stage during a comedy show will not be prosecuted for felony charges for the incident. The attacker was carrying a gun replica with a knife blade inside, so it is a curious decision from the prosecutor.
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