TYT Core Values

Last updated: 7/31/23

TYT Mission Statement

To boldly pursue truth, challenge the establishment and drive positive change.

TYT Vision Statement

To be the leading global brand in news and talk by serving the audience with authentic commentary and analysis, and to become the digital campfire for the world.

TYT Core Values


No one has a monopoly on truth, but we boldly seek truth to the best of our abilities. We are authentic in what we say and what we do. We present the facts without compromise, free from the constraint of popular consensus, with no fear or favor, regardless of who or which political party benefits. We prioritize truth over ideology. We get to the correct analysis by having the correct facts. In a match between our opinions and facts, facts win every time. Truth matters.


We can drive more change as a community than as individuals standing alone. Our whole community, from employees to audience, should feel valued, cared for and engaged. We believe in diversity – not only of race, ethnicity, gender identity and background – but, also, of ideas. We consider a wide range of ideas with open minds and rational, independent, critical thought. We have enough faith and respect for one another that we allow for disagreement. We want to genuinely exchange ideas. We listen to one another and grow from our diversity. We understand people make mistakes, and we learn from them. All thoughts and perspectives are welcome, but personal insults within the community are not. We fight rhetorically, politically and intellectually, not physically. We communicate with respect and help each other. We do not assume bad intent from others. A community of people working together is much stronger as a whole than the sum of its parts.


We believe in outsiders. We believe that sometimes you have to break convention to accomplish goals, and that creativity and the best ideas can originate from almost anywhere. We don’t believe that insiders have all of the answers or are exclusively qualified to lead the country. We want equality of opportunity because we know that everyone has the potential for great ideas, initiative and effective leadership. We believe in expanding the circle of liberty to include all of us. We’re not The Young Turks, you are. Our job is to empower you. And once we do, we’re positive that you will change the world.


We want to create positive change in the world. The only way to achieve change is to believe you can. We believe in being productive, instead of destructive. We put forward ideas and proposals, not just criticism and pessimism. We are open-minded and open-hearted. We dare to be hopeful. We believe the world is solvable and together we can solve it. We work hard toward our goals. We encourage one another and try to find common ground so that we can work together to create a better world.