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Should Newton continue his fight to keep the Transformers statues even though the board has now ruled against him?
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Tell Congress to #LoseTheLegacy

From Wall Street bailouts, to PPP Loans, our government is always giving rich–often white–people handouts while the rest of us work hard to get by.

Legacy Admissions are no different.

They give rich, mostly white, students a boost in college admissions that are completely void of any merit. In fact, at top ten universities, more rich white students are admitted through Legacy Admissions practices than Black and Latino students are admitted through Affirmative Action!

This isn’t fair.

That’s why we’re glad that Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Senator Jeff Merkley have introduced the Fair College Admissions for Students Act to stop the practice of Affirmative Action for rich white people: Legacy Admissions.

If you’d like to see Congress pass the Fair College Admissions for Students Act, repost this petition using the hashtag #LoseTheLegacy, tag @tytnation, and tell Congress why we need to end Legacy Admissions.

· Opens 11/1/22

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