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Senate Covid Bill

Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 3/2/21 - 4/4/21

Do you believe a $15/hour minimum wage will pass as part of the Covid aid bill?

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Yes, it will be included

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No, it will be removed in the Senate

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Don't Kill It, Bernie

Bernie Sanders, as Chair of the Budget Committee, decides what goes in the COVID relief bill. It's his decision on whether a $15-per-hour minimum wage is included in the bill or not. If he keeps it in, it forces the Democrats to vote on it and means it has a chance of passing. If he takes it out, it means Bernie Sanders is killing the increase in minimum wage himself.

We, the undersigned, have a clear message: Don't kill it Bernie!

Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 2/26/21 - 6/17/21
9709 signatures
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