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Virginia Dems Launch Power Grab to Edge Out Progressives
Progressives argue Saturday vote will concentrate power among establishment Dems
By Candice Cole ||
Last-Minute Bid to Fight Democratic Dark Money at DNC
On the day of the deadline, DNC delegate submits resolution against dark money
By Candice Cole ||
Did Jaime Harrison Say His Job Is Defending Biden?
DNC insider claims Harrison privately said DNC chair's job is to defend the president
By Candice Cole ||
In Guatemala, Prayer Breakfasts Blossom into a Coup Attempt
U.S. evangelicals tied to forces seeking to steal Guatemalan presidency
By Jonathan Larsen||
Progressive Push to Ban Democratic Dark Money Is Dead
Progressives blame Biden for blocking resolution to ban Democratic dark money
By Candice Cole ||
TYT and The Young Turks
Explaining TYT and The Young Turks
By Cenk Uygur||
Progressive DNC Member Blames Biden White House for Blocking Ban on Dark Money
Source says the White House picked the committee blocking a DNC ban on dark money
By Candice Cole ||
Emails Show Manchin Intervened to Help Donor Push MVP Pipeline with EPA
Internal emails show Manchin helped oil company pursue EPA meeting to push pipeline
By Candice Cole ||
Hoyer Gets a Primary Rematch with Mckayla Wilkes
Top House Democratic leader gets a primary challenge from his left
By Candice Cole ||
Susan Boyle to Sing at anti-LGBTQ+ Prayer Breakfast
Scottish prayer event has ties to controversial U.S. breakfast run by 'The Family'
By Jonathan Larsen||
Abbott's Pardon Request for BLM Killer Draws Rebukes, Legal Concerns
Casar hits Abbott's push to pardon BLM protester's murderer
By Candice Cole ||
Amazon, AT&T, Pfizer Backed Tennessee Republicans Who Expelled Black Democrats
Corporate giants helped elect Republicans who ousted Black TN lawmakers
By Candice Cole ||
Koch Industries Backed Tennessee Republicans Who Expelled Black Democrats
Koch backed lax gun laws, and GOPers who expelled protesting Democrats
By Candice Cole ||
The Family's Secret History in Uganda
American dollars and Christianity quietly transformed Uganda
By Jonathan Larsen||
The Genesis of Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill
Anti-LGBTQ+ death penalty in Uganda has its roots in the U.S.
By Jonathan Larsen||
'The Family' Tied -- Again -- to Anti-LGBTQ+ Death Penalty Bill
Family insiders stand behind the Ugandans pushing an LGBTQ+ death penalty
By Jonathan Larsen||
Justice Begins: Trump Indicted for Pornstar Payoffs
Disgraced ex-president charged with lying about payoffs to porn star Stormy Daniels
By Matthew Sheffield Candice Cole ||
Progressives Hail Trump Indictment, Call for More
Trump indictment spurs praise, and calls for more
By Matthew Sheffield ||
TikTok CEO Takes Bipartisan Beating Over Data Privacy, But Users Aren’t Buying the Hype
TikTok users protest outside as members of Congress badger CEO in hearing
By Candice Cole ||
TikTok CEO to Testify Before Congress as Calls to Ban Chinese-linked Video App Increase
TikTok CEO Shou Chew will make the case that users' information is safe on TikTok
By Candice Cole ||
Analysis: Republican Budget Cap Will Cause Massive Spending Cuts
Cap Will Cut Over a Billion from Food Assistance Program, Lead to Mass Evictions
By Candice Cole ||
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