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House Members Mum on Whether McCarthy Will Allow a Vote to Repeal Iraq War Powers
Speaker hasn't said whether he'll let House vote to strip presidential war powers
By Candice Cole ||
Progressive Leader Pushes Jail Time for Bank Execs
PCCC Co-Founder Adam Green wants jail for execs who got bonuses as bank failed
By Candice Cole ||
Gosar Blames Jesus for Sneaking Kari Lake into 'New' National Prayer Breakfast
In very first 'new' prayer breakfast, Gosar breaks the rules to get Kari Lake inside
By Jonathan Larsen||
Progressives Call for Reinstatement of Bank Regulations After Bank Collapse
Trump removed regulation that affected Silicon Valley Bank
By Candice Cole ||
Analysis: Republican Budget Cap Will Cause Massive Spending Cuts
Cap Will Cut Over a Billion from Food Assistance Program, Lead to Mass Evictions
By Candice Cole ||
Stacey Plaskett Isn’t Letting Jim Jordan Weaponize Stupidity
House Republicans Keep Embarrassing Themselves as Bias Allegations Flounder
By Matthew Sheffield ||
Google Contractor Fires Back After Casar, Sanders Make Union-Busting Accusations
Company Says YouTube Music Contractors Agreed to In-Person Work Arrangements
By Candice Cole ||
Republican Elites and Their Fox Counterparts Hate Trump, But They Can’t Get Rid of Him
Lawsuit Reveals That Fox Chairman and Hosts Trash Trump Privately, Boost Him Publicly
By Matthew Sheffield ||
DeSantis Disavows Controversial Blogger Registration Bill
Florida bill would have outlawed unregistered political commentary and reporting online
By Matthew Sheffield ||
Burundi National Prayer Breakfast Features Anti-LGBTQ+ Attacks
Another national prayer breakfast spotlights official anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric
By Jonathan Larsen||
Internal Email Reveals The Family Still Involved in "New" Prayer Breakfast
Former GOP congressman copies TYT on an email revealing Family ties persist
By Jonathan Larsen||
The Family Drops the National Prayer Breakfast
After 70 years of sermons and scandal, The Family stops serving its prayer breakfast
By Jonathan Larsen||
Grijalva Says a Weak GOP Speaker Means Dems Can Notch Wins
Progressive Democrat says the party can score wins under a weakened GOP speaker
By Candice Cole ||
Former Top Trump Aide: Republicans Thought Lying About 2020 Would Help Careers
Alyssa Farah Griffin Singles Out ‘Liar and Opportunist’ Kayleigh McEnany
By Matthew Sheffield ||
Trump NFT Images Are Based on Freely Available Photos, But His Fans Bought Them Anyway
Ex-president's "digital trading card" is his strangest grift yet
By Matthew Sheffield ||
Progressives Draw Battle Line with Pelosi Over Manchin Permitting Bill
One third of House Democrats urge Pelosi not to link bill weakening community permitting protections to "must-pass" funding bill
By Candice Cole ||
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