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House Rule Changes Sought by the Far Right Would Boost Radical Agenda
Extremist "Freedom Caucus" wants to make it easy to impeach Biden and admin officials
By Matthew Sheffield ||
Democrats Could Take Action on Inflation Thursday, but There's No Sign They Will
At the FTX hearing, Senate Dems have a chance to act on inflation
By Jonathan Larsen||
Khanna Counters Manchin Pipeline Bill with $15 Minimum Wage Push
Both Democrats are now seeking to use the military spending bill to push their causes
By Candice Cole ||
Jim Obergefell Has "Concerns" About the Respect For Marriage Act
The man whose suit led to marriage equality says he has two concerns with Senate bill
By Jonathan Larsen||
Bowman Joins Push to Use NDAA for $15 Minimum Wage
As Manchin eyes NDAA to pass his pipeline bill, progressives retaliate
By Candice Cole ||
Grijalva Revives Battle Against Manchin's Pipeline Bill
Progressives revive fight against bill to let fossil-fuel companies steamroll opponents
By Candice Cole ||
Respect for Marriage Act is a Tradeoff, but Dems May Not Know What They're Trading
Dems are unaware or mum about an anti-LGBTQ amendment that won GOP support
By Jonathan Larsen||
Pelosi and Hoyer Hand House Democratic Leadership to a New Generation
Pelosi closes the curtain on decades of party leadership, historic speakerships
By Candice Cole ||
Republicans Projected to Control House Next Year
California Rep. Mike Garcia's expected victory gives Republicans at least 218 seats
By Matthew Sheffield ||
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