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Were the artist’s actions a legitimate form of art or just straight up theft?

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It was legitimate

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It was theft

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Fire Police Officer for Assaulting Shantel Arnold

On September 20, 2021, Shantel Arnold was assaulted by a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana police officer right after being assaulted by a group of neighborhood boys.

According to reports, Arnold was slammed to the ground by a group of boys, who then proceeded to strike her while she was on the ground and bystanders laughed. Her 71-year-old stepfather had to chase them away.

A police officer, who remains unnamed, then saw her walking. He told her to stop and asked what happened. She explained the assault and that she just wanted to go home. Arnold continued to walk home and, according to witnesses, the officer stopped his car, grabbed her and threw her to the ground a couple of times so violently that he ripped out some of her braids.

Arnold was treated for bruises, scratches, and a busted lip. She now has recurring headaches.

The unidentified police officer is currently under investigation.

We call on the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff, Joseph P. Lopinto, III, to fire the unnamed police officer. This brutal attack would never be allowed in any place of work. It most definitely should not be tolerated in our police departments.


Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 10/19/21 - 7/9/37

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