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Speaker McCarthy, #ProtectOurKids From Legalized Grooming

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As of July 2022, eight states have zero statutory minimum age requirements and only seven states have banned underage marriages with no exceptions.

Meanwhile, despite Republican outcries to “stop groomers,” all across the country Republicans in state legislatures are working hard to legalize child marriage.

Last year, in Tennessee, Republicans sought to eliminate ANY age limits on marriage entirely, until public outrage forced them to kill the bill. This year, Republicans in Wyoming are already seeking to kill a bill that would raise the state’s legal marriage age to 16, which–according to Unchained at Last, an anti-child marriage advocacy group–would only protect a small number of children and should have an even higher age included in the bill. Yet Republicans are still trying to stop the bill from passing!

Enough is enough.

While Republicans argue that placing “arbitrary” limits on child marriage interferes with “parental rights” and “religious liberty,” it’s crystal clear that the real goal for Republicans is to legalize marriage to underage children.

Let’s put an end to child marriage once and for all so we can protect our kids from dangerous predators. Sign our petition to demand that Speaker McCarthy #ProtectOurKids!

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