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Demand #RegulationForInflation

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It was just one loophole. But it was big enough to swallow the global economy.

Wall Street created a loophole almost a decade ago, to escape U.S. regulation of complex financial trades related to all commodities. Said loophole allows Wall Street speculators to gamble on commodity prices, driving inflation through the roof!

Ultimately, this is an issue that the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) needs to deal with.

A handful of congressional Democrats are now turning their attention to this arcane loophole that TYT previously reported is driving high prices for gas and food. On Thursday, Senate Democrats have an opportunity to ask the Chair of the CFTC, Rostin Behnam, directly why he hasn't acted to close the loophole during their hearing on the FTX scandal.

It's time for Democrats to stand up and hold Wall Street accountable! Sign and share our petition so that we can demand that our elected officials create some #RegulationForInflation.

Posted by TYT Staff on 11/28/22
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