Ken Klippenstein

Ken Klippenstein writes for TYT Investigates and specializes in Freedom of Information Act requests.

He hails originally from Livermore, California, and is a graduate of Wheaton College, where he majored in writing.

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TYT Investigates
Pentagon to Train Saudi Pilots on U.S. Soil Amid Yemen Uproar
The Trump Administration has voiced public concern about Saudi atrocities in Yemen, but federal documents show they've quietly agreed to start training Saudi military pilots on U.S. soil.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Aug 30, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
Lawmakers and Advocates Respond to TYT’s Report on ‘Mass Casualty’ Training
Last week, TYT reported exclusively on the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) program to teach school children safety measures in preparation for “mass casualty events.”
By: Ken Klippenstein|Aug 22, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
ICE Orders Dozens of Straitjacket-Like Restraints
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Air Operations has ordered 60 “Wrap” restraint devices — full-body restraints that resemble straitjackets — for the purpose of restraining detainees during removal operations.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Aug 16, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
DHS to Train High School Kids for ‘Mass Casualty Events’
While the gun violence debate has focused on how to stop the epidemic of school shootings, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking a different approach: teaching school children how to adapt to them.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Aug 13, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
It’s Not Just Bolton and Giuliani: Trump Team’s Links to Iran ‘Cult’ Run Deep
Federal documents show MEK met with top Trump officials in addition to National Security Adviser John Bolton and Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Aug 8, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
Giuliani, Bolton Repeatedly Met With Group Formerly Designated a Cult-Like Terror Organization
Close Trump associates have been quietly meeting with a controversial Iranian opposition group that was only recently removed from the U.S. terror list, TYT has learned.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Jul 27, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
Clandestine U.S. Christian Org Linked to Anti-Semitic Leader
The organization that runs the National Prayer Breakfast, the Fellowship Foundation, sent Rep. Robert Aderholt to Romania last year to meet with an infamous anti-Semitic political operative, Marian Munteanu, according to federal travel disclosure records.
By: Ken Klippenstein|Jul 25, 2018| comments
TYT Investigates
GOP Missions in Eastern Europe Were Paid for by Butina-Linked Christian Group and Ukraine Ally
At least four Republican members of Congress have traveled to eastern Europe and bolstered proponents there of policies that may help achieve Russia’s goal that those nations not join the European Union.
By: Jonathan LarsenKen Klippenstein|Jul 19, 2018| comments
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