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Jonathan Larsen

Jonathan Larsen is the managing editor and executive producer of TYT Investigates.

Larsen has been involved in some of the most popular and well thought of programs in TV news. Most notably, as executive producer, he created “Up with Chris Hayes,” which was recognized by critics across the political spectrum for its smart, substantive engagement with topics other shows wouldn’t touch and its inclusion of people and voices seldom heard from. Prior to “Up,” he worked for many years on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” where he helped the program transition into political analysis and commentary. He also broke several national stories, including insider accounts of the politicization of the Bush Office of Faith-Based Initiatives; Phil Gramm’s dual role lobbying for Wall Street while simultaneously advising the McCain campaign on financial regulation; and the massive, global companies that stood to benefit from a so-called “small business” tax cut. More recently, Larsen was Al Jazeera America’s senior executive producer for politics and oversaw “Inside Story,” hosted by Ray Suarez. Earlier in his career, Larsen worked on several CNN programs, helping to create and launch both “Anderson Cooper 360” and “Greenfield at Large.” He also contributed to CNN’s coverage of the 9/11 attacks, reporting that a group of passengers on Flight 93 voted to attack the hijackers.

Larsen’s first job in TV news was at ABC, where he both wrote for “Good Morning America” and served as a writer-producer for the network’s critically acclaimed overnight program, “World News Now,” where he succeeded in getting William Shatner to sing the World News Polka. In addition to his positions in news, Jonathan consulted for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” serving as senior political producer on the show’s award-winning Indecision2000 coverage. He also helped launch Air America Radio, creating and running several programs, including “Morning Sedition starring Marc Maron” and “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Jonathan began his career as a print reporter in Brooklyn, where he worked for The Bay Ridge Paper. He was barely graduated from Tufts University, having spent most of his time at The Tufts Daily, which he ultimately served as editor in chief.

A comic-book nerd before and after it was cool, Larsen has written two Batman stories for DC Comics and created the science-fiction webcomic The Endling. More recently, he has merged his interests in news and comedy with his creation Larsen lives with his wife and son in New Jersey.

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Indiana Democrat to host event tied to anti-LGBTQ+ activism
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Co-chair of National Prayer Breakfast tells Uganda to stand by its LGBTQ death penalty
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Anti-LGBTQ+ Crusader Takes Over National Prayer Breakfast
Concerned Women for America trustee now interim chair of National Prayer Breakfast
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Democrat Out as Head of "New" National Prayer Breakfast
Mark Pryor and his transparency pledge are gone from the "new" prayer breakfast
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In Guatemala, Prayer Breakfasts Blossom into a Coup Attempt
U.S. evangelicals tied to forces seeking to steal Guatemalan presidency
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Susan Boyle to Sing at anti-LGBTQ+ Prayer Breakfast
Scottish prayer event has ties to controversial U.S. breakfast run by 'The Family'
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"New" National Prayer Breakfast Let Both Parties Break the Rules
They added rules to the "new" National Prayer Breakfast...and immediately broke them
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Museveni Calls Last-Minute Meeting on "Kill the Gays Bill"
Uganda's president calls 11th-hour meeting just as anti-LGBTQ+ bill set to become law
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The Family's Secret History in Uganda
American dollars and Christianity quietly transformed Uganda
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The Genesis of Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill
Anti-LGBTQ+ death penalty in Uganda has its roots in the U.S.
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'The Family' Tied -- Again -- to Anti-LGBTQ+ Death Penalty Bill
Family insiders stand behind the Ugandans pushing an LGBTQ+ death penalty
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Gosar Blames Jesus for Sneaking Kari Lake into 'New' National Prayer Breakfast
In very first 'new' prayer breakfast, Gosar breaks the rules to get Kari Lake inside
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Burundi National Prayer Breakfast Features Anti-LGBTQ+ Attacks
Another national prayer breakfast spotlights official anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric
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Fox Insiders Admit Even Fox Viewers Don’t Trust Fox
Internal emails and texts show that even Fox insiders knew viewers didn't believe them
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Internal Email Reveals The Family Still Involved in "New" Prayer Breakfast
Former GOP congressman copies TYT on an email revealing Family ties persist
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Franklin Graham Booted from National Prayer Breakfast
Ex-senator says new prayer breakfast will be 'squeaky-clean,' won't take Graham's money
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The Family Drops the National Prayer Breakfast
After 70 years of sermons and scandal, The Family stops serving its prayer breakfast
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Amid Controversy, the National Prayer Breakfast Scales Down
"The Family" cuts up its prayer breakfast, splitting politicians from religious guests
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Black, LGBTQ+, and Religious Groups Ask Biden to Drop the National Prayer Breakfast
A growing coalition urges Congress and the president to skip the DC prayer breakfast
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Final Jan. 6 Report Makes Case for Prosecuting Trump, Skips Larger Analysis
J6 report reveals new details behind case for insurrection charges against Trump
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Secular Group Resurrects Lobbying Against Prayer Breakfast
Freedom From Religion Foundation puts pressure on Dems who aid the prayer breakfast
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Don't Fall for Gingrich's Praise of Biden
Gingrich warns GOP to rethink their approach to Biden; then offers same old approach
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Democrats Could Take Action on Inflation Thursday, but There's No Sign They Will
At the FTX hearing, Senate Dems have a chance to act on inflation
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Jim Obergefell Has "Concerns" About the Respect For Marriage Act
The man whose suit led to marriage equality says he has two concerns with Senate bill
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Respect for Marriage Act is a Tradeoff, but Dems May Not Know What They're Trading
Dems are unaware or mum about an anti-LGBTQ amendment that won GOP support
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Senate Same-Sex Marriage Bill Has Anti-LGBTQ Amendment
Bill would trade protection of marriage for protection of other forms of discrimination
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Poll: Hyping Inflation Backfired on Republicans
Republicans ran on inflation, but voters favor progressive remedies for it
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CREW To Challenge Trump's Right to Run for President
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