The FBI refers to “law enforcement proceedings” regarding Surefire Intelligence, a company connected to far-right conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl, in its response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by TYT.

TYT’s FOIA request sought records regarding Surefire Intelligence, the firm that produced a now debunked dossier alleging sexual misconduct by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In its response, the FBI declined to provide records on Surefire Intelligence on the grounds that it could interfere with law enforcement proceedings.

“Acknowledging the existence or non-existence of records could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings,” according to a letter signed by Section Chief David Hardy of the FBI’s Record/Information Dissemination Section.

The FBI’s response did not clarify whether Surefire Intelligence or Wohl are the subjects of those proceedings. Wohl maintains that he has not been questioned by the FBI, though he did not directly comment on whether or not Surefire is being investigated.

“I have never been questioned by the FBI, nor have I ever been questioned by any other law enforcement agency,” Wohl told TYT via email. “Further, as part of an intensive course of vetting I went through in order to obtain my concealed carry permit, I went through a Live Scan background check which revealed my perfectly clean record.”

In October, a spokesman for Mueller said, “When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the special counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation.”

Although Wohl has refused to comment on his involvement with Surefire Intelligence, NBC News reported that his email is listed on the website’s domain records and that a phone number listed on the website links to Wohl’s mother’s number. BuzzFeed reporter Chris Geidner also notes that Surefire Intelligence LLC was registered anonymously in Delaware in early October, just 10 days before Wohl announced via Twitter, “Spoke to a prominent DC insider today who told me there are several women prepared to make credible allegations against Dirty Cop Robert Mueller.”

Later that month, a woman who used to work for Mueller as a paralegal, told The Atlantic that she had been contacted by a man who identified himself as an employee of Surefire Intelligence. She said that the man offered her a check for about $20,000 and to pay off her credit debt if she signed a sworn affidavit alleging workplace harassment and sexual misconduct by Mueller.

Another woman, Vermont Law School Professor Jennifer Taub, said she was contacted at about the same time by a Surefire Intelligence employee offering compensation to speak with them via phone about any encounters with Mueller she may have had.

On November 1, Wohl held a press conference at a D.C.-area Holiday Inn, at which he distributed a dossier containing a statement of sexual assault allegations against Mueller ostensibly signed by a woman named Carolyne Cass, who was not present. When contacted by media, Cass said that Surefire had fabricated the story.

On the same day, the far-right media website Gateway Pundit, which employed Wohl and had promoted his story about Mueller, suspended their relationship with Wohl.

While taking questions at the November 1 press conference, Wohl and an associate were asked by one reporter, “Are you both prepared for federal prison?”

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