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Rick Strom

Rick Strom serves as executive producer, lead host, and content coordinator of TYT Sports. He also hosts the brand new show, Old School Sports.

Rick’s journey in broadcasting began in Chicago, Illinois. From a young age he experienced the highs of the Michael Jordan-led Bulls, the downs of Chicago Cubs baseball (up until 2016!), and the disappointment of every Bears quarterback. With imaginary microphone in hand, Rick would do play-by-play commentary in his parents’ basement where, akin to some commenters, he does not live to this day.

At Indiana University, Rick thrived on radio, engineering his own call-in sports-talk radio show. Rick originally joined TYT Network in 2011 and grew the subscriber base from 4,000 to 120,000+ and 511,000 video views to 100,000,000+ video views. He has interviewed countless athletes and celebrities.

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