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Ben Mankiewicz

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Turner Classic Movies Host Ben Mankiewicz started his TV career in sports, working as an intern at The George Michael Sports Machine.

His first paid TV gig was as sports producer at WJLA, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. After that, he landed the worst job in the history of sports journalism: overnight producer at WTEM, D.C.’s all-sports radio station. From there, Mankiewicz worked as a reporter and anchor in Charleston, S.C. and Miami, Fla. – twice being named Best Anchor in South Florida by The New Times. Mankiewicz made his debut on Turner Classic Movies in September of 2003, becoming only the second host in TCM’s history.

Mankiewicz is also a film and television critic, co-hosting the nationally syndicated At the Movies and currently co-hosting What The Flick?! on TYT Network.

Mankiewicz is frequently seen on The Young Turks and Old School.

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