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Brett Erlich

Host and comedian Brett Erlich helms TYT's flagship pop culture show, Pop Trigger, as well as the all new Happy Half Hour, a good-news-only news show with drinking! His satirical comedic segment “Honest Press Conferences,” which demonstrates what it might be like if the White House answered questions honestly for a change, was recently nominated for The Streamy Awards for Web Series and Facebook Presence of the Year as part of TYT's The Breakdown.

He covers pop culture, news, politics, sports, nerd culture and more, all while maintaining a strong 80-85% factuality rating.

Brett currently contributes to ABC News, having appeared on its last six Year End specials, as well as Best in Film, Best in TV, a number of highly marketable countdowns, and don't forget to catch him in the upcoming pre-Oscars Special, where he'll set 'em up for Kimmel to knock 'em down. He also hosted and/or appeared on The Rotten Tomatoes Show, infoMania, SuperNews, and The War Room on Current TV, where he won an Emmy. Since then, he hosted the Nerdist News pilot for SyFy, as well as a national daily strip show called SoMe on Fox. Brett shares many Webby wins with The Young Turks team, and won his own Webby for his personal web series Viral Video Film School (sponsored by Geico).

He went to Stanford, too. He never shuts up about that.

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