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GOP Chair Who Used Fake Voter ID Defended Racist Voter Maps to Supreme Court
Republican official told the Supreme Court that Alabama law is no obstacle to voting while at the same time he was using his political clout to surmount those obstacles
By: Jonathan Larsen|Oct 5, 2022|
Biden Brings Florida More Money and Longer Time Commitments Than Puerto Rico Got
Puerto Rico's recovery efforts are being hampered by systemic federal burdens that the White House and Congress have not resolved
By: Candice Cole |Oct 5, 2022|
Attorneys Pursue Evidence DeSantis Used Former Army Intelligence Officer for Martha's Vineyard Stunt
Lawyers suggest woman drew on her experience in military intelligence to deceive migrants into boarding flights from Texas
By: Matthew Sheffield |Oct 4, 2022|
Former Trump Official Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charge, Is Sentenced to Prison
One-time Turning Point USA staffer belonged to secret group that shared graphic fantasies and child-molestation videos
Sep 29, 2022|
Durbin Carves Loophole to Dump Manchin Bill
Party whip suggests commitment to Manchin was for a vote only, not to force his bill through
By: Candice Cole |Sep 27, 2022|
Major Green Group Opposes Manchin Bill Fast-Tracking Oil Projects
With Manchin bill coming Wednesday, Pelosi has few potential allies left to defend forcing it through the House
By: Candice Cole |Sep 20, 2022|
Manchin Bill May Pass with No Time to Study Environmental Impact
Activists warn that Congress will be voting on Manchin's bill to fast-track energy projects without even an estimate of their environmental impact
By: Candice Cole |Sep 20, 2022|
Activists Fear Green Groups May Help Dems Pass Manchin Permitting Bill
Sources tell TYT activists are concerned silence from big environmental groups may give Democrats political cover
By: Candice Cole |Sep 16, 2022|
Progressives Draw Battle Line with Pelosi Over Manchin Permitting Bill
One third of House Democrats urge Pelosi not to link bill weakening community permitting protections to "must-pass" funding bill
By: Candice Cole |Sep 9, 2022|
AOC, The Squad, and Jayapal Join Revolt Against Manchin Bill
Leading progressives sign on to letter urging Pelosi against maneuver to force a vote on Manchin's legislation
By: Candice Cole |Sep 3, 2022|
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