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Durbin Carves Loophole to Dump Manchin Bill
Party whip suggests commitment to Manchin was for a vote only, not to force his bill through
Sep 27, 2022|
Major Green Group Opposes Manchin Bill Fast-Tracking Oil Projects
With Manchin bill coming Wednesday, Pelosi has few potential allies left to defend forcing it through the House
Sep 20, 2022|
Manchin Bill May Pass with No Time to Study Environmental Impact
Activists warn that Congress will be voting on Manchin's bill to fast-track energy projects without even an estimate of their environmental impact
Sep 20, 2022|
Activists Fear Green Groups May Help Dems Pass Manchin Permitting Bill
Sources tell TYT activists are concerned silence from big environmental groups may give Democrats political cover
Sep 16, 2022|
Progressives Draw Battle Line with Pelosi Over Manchin Permitting Bill
One third of House Democrats urge Pelosi not to link bill weakening community permitting protections to "must-pass" funding bill
Sep 9, 2022|

As Abbott Moves Right, Motorola Keeps Backing Him
Telecom giant is financially supporting multiple Big Lie backers
Sep 6, 2022|
Motorola Backs Big Lie Supporter Who Got Them $26-Million Contract
Motorola Backs Big Lie Supporter Who Got Them $26-Million Contract
Aug 11, 2022|
Union Organizers Reveal Starbucks Buffalo Tactics
Union Organizers Reveal Starbucks Buffalo Tactics
Jul 13, 2022|
Democrats Eye Wall Street Rule to Fight Inflation
Congressional Democrats respond to TYT report revealing Wall Street speculators are driving gas and other prices higher
Jun 14, 2022|

House Dems Seek More Time to Sign Grijalva Letter Opposing Manchin Pipeline Bill
Manchin Bill Would Curb Community Power to Oppose Potentially Hazardous Fossil Fuel Pipelines
Aug 29, 2022|
Actually, NOT Prosecuting Trump Is the ‘Banana Republic’ Move
Although Trump has said only a "Banana Republic" country would prosecute him, other national leaders have been.
Aug 24, 2022|
Lieu Joins Vets Pushing Garland to Prosecute Trump
California congressman signs on to petition from people who have held security clearances.
Aug 22, 2022|

Is the Climate Crisis Racist?
Due to systemic racism, classism, and sexism, disadvantaged communities in the United States face the effects of a destabilized climate first and worst. Click here to learn more.
Feb 8, 2022|
The Oxy Kingpins Screening
Check out the special online screening of The Oxy Kingpins on Kinema on Thursday, February 10th 8pm ET/5pm PT. Click here for details.
Feb 7, 2022|
Article: “Feel-Good” Stories Don’t Feel So Good
While some stories show the best of us, they also expose the harsh political realities we live in. But is there hope?
Oct 26, 2021|
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