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Source: Mountain Valley Pipeline “Wasn’t a McCarthy Ask” in Debt-Limit Deal
Source says debt-limit deal may have been a chance to reward Manchin with his pipeline
By Candice Cole ||
Progressives Say Biden Is Required by the Constitution to Ignore the Debt Ceiling
Progressives are shifting from Biden "can" use the 14th Amendment to argue that he must
By Candice Cole ||
Source: Environmental Justice Cuts Are Off the Table in Debt-Ceiling Talks
Dems reject GOP push to swap environmental justice for raising debt limit
By Candice Cole ||
Grijalva Leads House Dems Telling Biden: No Pipeline Deal for Debt-Ceiling Hike
Grijalva rallies Dems against selling out environmental justice for debt-ceiling hike
By Candice Cole ||
Big-Oil Execs Who Got Pipeline into Debt-Limit Bill Work for Manchin Donors
Big Oil gave to members of Congress, then got their help putting pipeline in debt deal
By Candice Cole ||
Centrists Sacrificing Democratic Leverage with Plot to Save McCarthy, Progressives Say
Dems floated plan to help McCarthy stay speaker if he backs debt-limit hike
By Candice Cole ||
"New" National Prayer Breakfast Let Both Parties Break the Rules
They added rules to the "new" National Prayer Breakfast...and immediately broke them
By Jonathan Larsen||
Environmentalists Call Green New Deal Relaunch a Shot at Biden's Record
Some activists in Green New Deal relaunch say it's pointed at Biden's failures
By Candice Cole ||
Museveni Calls Last-Minute Meeting on "Kill the Gays Bill"
Uganda's president calls 11th-hour meeting just as anti-LGBTQ+ bill set to become law
By Jonathan Larsen||
Johnson: No Investigation Needed to Impeach Thomas
Rep. Hank Johnson wants a Clarence Thomas probe, but can impeach without one
By Candice Cole ||
Abbott's Pardon Request for BLM Killer Draws Rebukes, Legal Concerns
Casar hits Abbott's push to pardon BLM protester's murderer
By Candice Cole ||
Amazon, AT&T, Pfizer Backed Tennessee Republicans Who Expelled Black Democrats
Corporate giants helped elect Republicans who ousted Black TN lawmakers
By Candice Cole ||
Koch Industries Backed Tennessee Republicans Who Expelled Black Democrats
Koch backed lax gun laws, and GOPers who expelled protesting Democrats
By Candice Cole ||
The Family's Secret History in Uganda
American dollars and Christianity quietly transformed Uganda
By Jonathan Larsen||
The Genesis of Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill
Anti-LGBTQ+ death penalty in Uganda has its roots in the U.S.
By Jonathan Larsen||
'The Family' Tied -- Again -- to Anti-LGBTQ+ Death Penalty Bill
Family insiders stand behind the Ugandans pushing an LGBTQ+ death penalty
By Jonathan Larsen||
Justice Begins: Trump Indicted for Pornstar Payoffs
Disgraced ex-president charged with lying about payoffs to porn star Stormy Daniels
By Matthew Sheffield Candice Cole ||
Progressives Hail Trump Indictment, Call for More
Trump indictment spurs praise, and calls for more
By Matthew Sheffield ||
TikTok CEO Takes Bipartisan Beating Over Data Privacy, But Users Aren’t Buying the Hype
TikTok users protest outside as members of Congress badger CEO in hearing
By Candice Cole ||
TikTok CEO to Testify Before Congress as Calls to Ban Chinese-linked Video App Increase
TikTok CEO Shou Chew will make the case that users' information is safe on TikTok
By Candice Cole ||
Analysis: Republican Budget Cap Will Cause Massive Spending Cuts
Cap Will Cut Over a Billion from Food Assistance Program, Lead to Mass Evictions
By Candice Cole ||
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