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Biden Falls Short on Protecting Low-Income Renters, Advocates Say
Tenant advocates say Biden got too cozy with landlords and didn't help the poor enough
By Candice Cole ||
Internal Email Reveals The Family Still Involved in "New" Prayer Breakfast
Former GOP congressman copies TYT on an email revealing Family ties persist
By Jonathan Larsen||
Franklin Graham Booted from National Prayer Breakfast
Ex-senator says new prayer breakfast will be 'squeaky-clean,' won't take Graham's money
By Jonathan Larsen||
Schiff's Senate Bid Sparks Progressive Group's Claim He Was Soft on Trump
PCCC head tells TYT Schiff played Trump foe on TV but slowed real accountability
By Candice Cole ||
Progressives Blast DNC for Refusing to Ban Super PACs from Primary Races
Democrats must live up to pledges to limit big-donor fundraising, group says
By Candice Cole ||
The Family Drops the National Prayer Breakfast
After 70 years of sermons and scandal, The Family stops serving its prayer breakfast
By Jonathan Larsen||
Amid Controversy, the National Prayer Breakfast Scales Down
"The Family" cuts up its prayer breakfast, splitting politicians from religious guests
By Jonathan Larsen||
AI image tools and former friends contradict George Santos’s drag queen denials
New evidence suggests far-right NY Republican has made up another lie about his past
By Matthew Sheffield ||
GOP Screwed Up its Bid to Kill House Staff Unions, Progressive Lawyer Says
House GOP thought their new rule would kill the staff unions...but a Dem lawyer says no
By Candice Cole ||
Black, LGBTQ+, and Religious Groups Ask Biden to Drop the National Prayer Breakfast
A growing coalition urges Congress and the president to skip the DC prayer breakfast
By Jonathan Larsen||
Progressives Draw Battle Line with Pelosi Over Manchin Permitting Bill
One third of House Democrats urge Pelosi not to link bill weakening community permitting protections to "must-pass" funding bill
By Candice Cole ||
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