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Nov 23, 2022

  • 1 hour, 13 minutes
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New page: Herschel Walker makes a hilarious gaffe on Fox News. The second accuser of Herschel Walker provides more receipts to prove their relationship. The Supreme Court ruled against Trump and let his taxes go to the house. At least 6 people were killed at a Virginia Walmart. An Ohio man was charged for threatening to do a mass shooting at a California middle school. Black World Cup stars are being harassed with racist tweets and Elon Musk is doing nothing about it. Florida republicans are looking at amending a law so Desantis can run for president and remain governor. We talk to Akela Lacy about how boosting MAGA candidates could end up backfiring on democrats. A woman was jeered and doused with water after climbing up a Mayan temple. It may be a short week but we will still find out who John and Jayar picked as the Garbage Person of the Week! Co-Host: Jayar Jackson -