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The Bet

Cenk bet Ana that Trump would leave Office before the end of his term. Today, Joe Biden was sworn in as President, so Cenk lost that bet… or did he?

While Cenk, like a Lannister, always pays his debts, he will also apparently do everything in his power to find a loophole. That loophole, he believes, is in the Senate's looming impeachment trial, but Cenk wants to get your feedback before he formalizes this challenge…

Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 1/20/21 - 2/17/21

If Trump is convicted by the Senate in his second impeachment and is thrown out of office after his term is up, what should happen in the Ana-Cenk bet?

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Ana should keep the money.

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Ana should give Cenk the $400 back

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Split the difference and give Cenk back $200

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Give Cenk $400 back plus another $400 because he's the man!

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