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Medicare For All Vote

Some Progressive commentators are pushing for Progressives within the US House of Representatives to withhold their votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House unless she vows to bring Medicare for All to a floor vote. This threat would - as the argument goes - force Democrats who oppose M4A to go on record with their views under threat of handing the Speakership to Republicans. AOC has responded that these Democrats are already on record, because otherwise they would have already signed on to the legislation, while other commentators are offering other strategies to push M4A legislation along.

Polls consistently show support for Medicare for All at over 50%, with one poll (Hill-HarrisX, 4/20) as high as 69%. This seems to be contingent on the term "Medicare for All," as terms like "Socialized Medicine" poll much lower. Developed countries with similar systems spend about half as much per person as the U.S. for healthcare, and their people live longer.

But what do you think should happen?

Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 12/14/20 - 2/22/21

Should Progressives in Congress withhold their votes for Pelosi unless she promises a Medicare for All floor vote?

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