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Filibuster Reform

"Moderate Democrats" are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Even though abolishing the filibuster is the clear solution, they're proposing half-measures that provide cover for them to avoid real progressive policy solutions like the Green New Deal and a $15 per hour minimum wage. They're floating ideas like a "Democracy Exception" that bypasses the filibuster only for votes that help them stay in power, as well as reestablishing the "Talking Filibuster," which ensures Ted Cruz will grandstand for at least 18 hours straight at every possible turn. What should progressives be in favor of?

Posted by TYT Staff · Opens 3/15/21 - 4/15/21

What filibuster reform should progressives favor?

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Creating a "Democracy Exception"

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Restoring the "Talking Filibuster"

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Neither. Try to end the filibuster entirely

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