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May 12, 2022

Journalist and adult activist, Cherie DeVille, finds new ways to educate everyone on investment strategies and the problems with meme stocks, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. John Iadarola and Cherie DeVille break it down on The Damage Report.
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Financial Horror Stories From the Porn World (and What They Say About America) - =&q=
"In Stanford’s famous marshmallow study, scientists offered children two or five treats. If the children chose to wait longer, they could eat five instead of two. Some kids chose the immediate goody; others decided to stay. Researchers then followed the children as they grew up, and those who chose to linger showed better financial skills later in life.
Scientists have since cast some doubt on the marshmallow study, but if I had to guess, I’d bet many of my porn industry peers would have chosen two sugary marshmallows over waiting 15 minutes for five.
I have witnessed financial horror stories throughout my time in the industry. These range from the mundane (buying a car without negotiating because they “didn’t feel like bargaining”) to the vulgar (does anyone need to buy all their girlfriends Birkins on their birthdays?). Others simply didn’t know how to invest their six-figure income because, for some reason, talking about money is more taboo than jacking off to stepmom porn. But if we talk about the issues with the bank accounts of the porn stars everyone loves, we can get people interested in talking about broader financial matters in America."
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