Update: Asked what legal venue CREW would choose for pursuing its challenge, Communications Director Jordan Libowitz told TYT, "Right now, we're not taking any option off the table. There are a number of venues and possibilities, and we'll be focused on where and how we can make the strongest, most successful cases."

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) will oppose former Pres. Donald Trump’s right to run for president if he tries again, the organization said today. The organization would likely have to go to court to seek Trump’s disqualification for office.

CREW has already challenged other Republican candidates based on their participation in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. As CREW notes, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution disqualifies from office anyone who has sworn to support the Constitution but then engaged in “insurrection” against it.

In a letter to Trump today, CREW Pres. Noah Bookbinder writes that, “By summoning a violent mob to disrupt the transition of presidential power mandated by the Constitution after having sworn to defend the same, you made yourself ineligible to hold public office again.”

In September, CREW successfully got another Republican barred from office because they answered Trump’s call to disrupt the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

Otero County, NM, Commissioner Couy Griffin was removed from office by a judge in response to a lawsuit filed by CREW and others. Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, was also barred from holding any office in the future, after being convicted of trespassing in the course of what the judge formally categorized as an “insurrection.”

CREW has not yet said what legal venue it would choose to oppose a potential Trump candidacy. Trump’s inner circle reportedly is preparing for the possibility he will decide to announce a presidential campaign following next week’s mid-term elections.

Although former Vice Pres. Mike Pence and a handful of other Republicans have distanced themselves from Trump’s attempt to block Biden’s certification, they continue to support and campaign for congressional Republicans who remain in lockstep with Trump and are expected to support future attempts by him to circumvent the Constitution.

Jonathan Larsen is TYT’s managing editor. You can find him on Twitter @JTLarsen.