A 1991 lawsuit alleged that a well-known form of hazing at Georgetown Preparatory School involved students holding a victim down while another student exposed his bare buttocks near the victim’s face.

The suit was filed by a 17-year-old student challenging his 1990 expulsion from the school for allegedly participating in the abuse, which the student claimed was known at the school as “butting.” The incident occurred seven years after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh graduated from the school. Kavanaugh has denied accusations involving holding down one girl and exposing his penis to another.

A contemporary Washington Post article summarized the plaintiff’s lawsuit, after the judge ruled against him:

"The student was visibly upset by [the judge’s] ruling. "We're just the guinea pigs," he said, adding that many of the school's 400 students had observed or participated in butting.

"The lawsuit, filed by the dismissed student and his parents, said butting was a well-known form of physical harassment at the school."

School officials at the time testified that they had not known about the practice. The Post reported that the student was expelled along with three others.

The report does not identify any of the students but TYT confirmed the plaintiff’s identity with a member of his immediate family, who said the family had no comment. The court clerk’s office said there are no digital records of the 1991 case and that the physical records were in storage and not immediately available.

Although the student claimed that “butting” was well known among students and by officials at Georgetown Prep, it’s not clear when the practice was alleged to have begun.

According to the Post’s account, a 15-year-old student said he passed out drunk on Dec. 16, 1990, and later accused four students of “butting” him multiple times. The plaintiff’s father, who is not named by the Post, said after the ruling, “I don’t think too kindly of the school.”

Kavanaugh has been accused of pinning down a girl and attempting to rape her while both of them were drunk and he was a student at Georgetown Prep. In a New Yorker report on Sunday, Kavanaugh was also accused of exposing his penis and pushing it in the face of a freshman girl at Yale during a drinking game while she was on the floor, inebriated. Kavanaugh has denied both accusations.

Mark Judge, a Georgetown Prep classmate who allegedly witnessed the first incident, has also denied it ever happened. Judge has written about his own experiences with alcohol and girls in high school, and in a lightly fictionalized memoir recounted a classmate named “Bart O’Kavanaugh” passing out from drinking.

As TYT previously reported, at least two of the four Georgetown Prep alumni who spearheaded a letter to the Senate attesting to Kavanaugh’s character were among a group that Kavanaugh said held to the saying that “What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep.” The third classmate Kavanaugh named as subscribing to that saying also signed the letter.

Kavanaugh’s remark referring to that saying does not appear in the published version of his speech submitted to the Senate as part of his requirement to disclose records of all his public utterances.

He is expected to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

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