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Biden Dominates In Media Coverage: Study

Joe Biden, surrounded by media, at the Jim Clyburn Fish Fry in Columbia, SC, on June 21, 2019.


(Image: Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images.)

In the first half of this month, the number of media articles about Joe Biden was nearly double that of Elizabeth Warren, and almost quadruple Bernie Sanders, according to a study provided exclusively to The Young Turks by the news aggregator SmartNews.

Source: SmartNews, “Democratic Analysis Year to Date 2019”. Data from Jan. 1 to June 16, 2019.

Also noteworthy is the study’s finding that Pete Buttigieg had a roughly similar number of articles as Senators Sanders and Warren in the months of April and May. The number of articles about Sanders and Buttigieg from June 1 to 16 — the most recent data available — was almost identical.

The study, titled “Democratic Analysis Year to Date 2019,” draws on some 38 million pageviews and over 23,000 news articles, according to SmartNews, a free app that aggregates media articles. The data span January 1 to June 16, 2019. Articles were considered to be about a candidate if their name was in the headline, SmartNews’ Head of Marketing, Fabien Nicolas, told TYT.

Nicolas explained SmartNews’ methodology to TYT: “We use a mixture of machine learning and human oversight. We’ve got 350+ [media] partnerships in the US. We analyze over 10m articles a day to choose the news we think matters most.”

The number of articles about Biden was modest until April, the month he announced his campaign (on the 25th). From April onward, the study found that Biden received by far the most articles — roughly twice as many as the next top candidate each month.

The study also found Buttigieg leading in pageviews until about March, after which point articles about him still put him in second place behind Biden through June.

Source: SmartNews, “Democratic Analysis Year to Date 2019”. Data from Jan. 1 to June 16, 2019.

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