Two high school classmates of Brett Kavanaugh who spearheaded a letter to the Senate attesting to his character also held to the saying that, "What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep," according to Kavanaugh's 2015 speech in which he discussed using that phrase.

In the speech, at Catholic University Law School, Kavanaugh said he shared that credo with three friends at Georgetown Prep. He said, "Three classmates of mine at Georgetown Prep were graduates of this law school in 1990 and are really, really good friends of mine: Mike Bidwill, Don Urgo, and Phil Merkle. And they were good friends of mine then and are still good friends of mine as recently as this weekend, when we were all on email together. But fortunately we had a good saying that we've held firm to to this day, as the dean was reminding me before the talk, which is, 'What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep.' That's been a good thing for all of us, I think."

Bidwill, Urgo, and Merkle all signed the letter, which was spearheaded by Bidwill, Urgo, and two others.

Their July 9 letter says, "at Georgetown Prep, young men are instilled with the belief that they should strive to be 'men for others.'"

Kavanaugh cited the same school motto in his speech, about two minutes before saying that he and the three friends held firm to the saying that "What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep."

As TYT reported, although the motto about being "men for others" appears in the version of the speech Kavanaugh submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the transcript does not include his remarks about "What happens at Georgetown Prep."

The alumni letter was signed by dozens of men, including executives, bankers, lawyers, and others, including one trustee of Georgetown Prep, and New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. It was addressed to the Senate party leaders, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA); and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

The letter calls Kavanaugh a "good man" and closes by saying that, "We, his classmates and fellow alumni, are confident that you will conclude what we already have known for approximately 35 years because of his character and intellect: Brett M. Kavanaugh is an excellent jurist who is singularly qualified to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court."

Today, Urgo is managing partner and general counsel of Urgo Hotels and Resorts, where his father is president and CEO. Bidwill is president of the Arizona Cardinals football team, which is owned by his father.

Bidwill promoted the letter and attested to Kavanaugh's good character in other forums. In July, the Cardinals website published an article endorsing Kavanaugh.

At the time the article appeared, it drew criticism for its contrast with Bidwill’s prior support for keeping politics out of football. Bidwill publicly backed the National Football League policy requiring players either to stand for the national anthem or remain in the locker room until it was over. After the policy was enacted, Bidwill said, “I look forward to getting the focus back on football.”

Two months later, the Cardinals’ Kavanaugh article appeared. It quoted Bidwill as saying Kavanaugh "will go through a thorough vetting process and as they go through that process they will learn about the great person we know. He is a man of high character."

Bidwill also says, "We have a pretty tight high school class – and we all knew Brett was pretty special."

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