By: Zachary Schucklin

No one hates Obama more than Trump. From birther conspiracies, false economic claims and even Crimea, Trump just loves sticking it to him. No surprise—he’s back with another attempt! This time, gutting the ACA in federal court and stripping millions of Americans from their insurance. “The republican party will soon be known as the party of healthcare,” boasted Trump. Umm… yeah, no. We think not.

The Affordable Care Act is by no means perfect, but Trump’s vendetta of a plan would go as follows: 109 million people would be affected by annual caps, 21 people would lose insurance total, with 15 million of whom have pre-existing conditions. “The official party position is to deny you insurance,” said Cenk.

Many red states rejected federal grants for Medicaid despite the fact that millions of people rely on those subsidies for coverage. “Red states were so defiant about this, that they were willing to allow their constituents to suffer just so they could make a point about how partisan they are and how much they hated the Affordable Care Act,” said Ana.

Let’s be clear about one thing: there are not two sides to this issue. Progressives are fighting to save your lives, conservatives are vying to take yours away. Unfortunately, that sentiment won’t be echoed at other media outlets. “If the mainstream media in this country lies on behalf of the Republican Party and calls it even, well then they are no journalists at all,” warned Cenk, “Their job is to take the truth and twist it into lies.”