Apr 1, 2024

WATCH: Cop Wrangles Kackle Of Karens After Catching Minors With Alcohol #IND | WATCH: Woman Steps Up To Teacher For Scolding Black Student, Allegedly | Trump Goes Off On Judge, Threatens His Daughter In Childish Attack #IND | Attorney General Blames Viral Brawl On Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policies #IND | MAGA Admits Racism Exists With Plans To Protect White People From 'Woke' Policies #IND | Tennis Team Uses Black Student As 'Target Practice' #IND | WATCH: Black Mailman Says 'I'm Not OJ' To Frightened White Woman On Porch #IND | Firefighter Blames Wife's Murder On A 'Seizure' #IND
  • 1 hour, 21 minutes