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Feb 7, 2024

Cops Hold Black Mom & 6-Year-Old At GUNPOINT, Misidentifying Them As Carjackers | Mother Of School Shooter GUILTY Of Manslaughter | WATCH: Gym Worker Harasses Black Personal Trainer, Says He's Intimidating Her | Man Gets Hand AMPUTATED After Cops Tightly Handcuff Him For Long Time | WATCH: Man Gets JUMPED By Guardian Angels During Live On-Air Fox Interview | UPDATE: Case DISMISSED For Black 10-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Urinating Near Mom's Car | Trump Paid $20K For STAGED Rally With Fake Union Workers & Supporters | Loud Male-Karen LOSES IT After Karaoke Singers 'Holler' Into Mic | UPDATE: Botched Childbirth Ruled HOMICIDE, Doctor Used 'Ridiculously Excessive Force' In Delivery
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