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Rogue Marine Targeting “Child Traffickers" at the Border, FBI Warns

Closeup of picture from Instagram account of missing U.S. Marine Job Wallace.


(Image: Photo via Instagram.)

UPDATE: Wallace reportedly has been taken into custody.

A 20-year-old U.S. Marine abandoned his base and apparently took heavy weapons with him to “get rid of child traffickers at the border,” according to an internal FBI situation report obtained by The Young Turks.

Job Wallace, a Marine Corps Lance Corporal, did not return to base at Camp Pendleton in California as scheduled on September 17th, after his authorized leave. By the 18th, an automatic rifle, an M14 rifle, a semi-automatic shotgun, and a pistol, all belonging to Wallace, were reported missing, the report says. Though Wallace’s whereabouts are currently unknown, on the morning of the 17th a vehicle with his license plate number was photographed at the Fort Hancock Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas, the report says. Despite its emphasis that “Wallace...may pose a threat of violence towards law enforcement or civilians,” at the time of this writing, the FBI has not notified the public of the potential threat. (The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

The report, which references two separate informants, says that just prior to Wallace’s disappearance, he claimed to be hearing voices. “Wallace indicated he has been dissatisfied with his life in the Marine Corps and had mentioned on multiple occasions his desire to travel to Mexico to ‘take out’ cartel members and traffickers,” the report states. It also notes that Wallace “has given away or abandoned several valuable personal items recently…[and] cleared all personal belongings from his room at Camp Pendleton.”

Internal FBI report on missing U.S. Marine thought to have headed for the border.

(Image: Photos provided to TYT.)

Wallace and his unit, the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, 1st Marines Division, appears to have been deployed at the border as recently as September, according to a report in Newsweek.

The document does not elaborate on Wallace’s motives. However, his alleged interest in “child traffickers” and “cartel members” appears redolent of President Trump’s hardline immigration rhetoric. Trump has claimed there is an “epidemic” of human trafficking and that “Coyotes and Drug Cartels are in total control of the Mexico side of the Southern Border.” Wallace’s Instagram account features a picture of him in front of Trump Tower as well as several of him posing with guns. (There’s also a photo of him next to a statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.) His Twitter account follows just 14 accounts, including Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., longtime Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, and a Twitter user who uses the pseudonym “Orwell & Good.” None of the other accounts appear to be political in nature.

Orwell is the author of a self-published book lamenting that “Western birth rates have plummeted” and the decline of “values great than oneself—family, religion, nation.”

Jared Holt, an investigator at Right Wing Watch, an organization that monitors far-right groups, said: “What is described in the book echoes common themes in far-right and white nationalist propaganda, which warns its viewers of a quickly eroding Western society that will soon be unrecognizable to its inhabitants without intervention. Scaremongering over birth rates of white people, the commercialization of art, and other perceived problems designed to spur its audience into action, sometimes for white nationalist causes.”

Asked to characterize his politics, Orwell did not respond to a request for comment.

The FBI document, from the Bureau’s Phoenix Division, was provided to TYT by a federal official who requested anonymity to avoid professional reprisal. The official told TYT, “I wanted to warn people of a potential impending danger. This man is armed, and with a specific message to hurt people, and we know it. Why we have not released that information, I will never understand.”

According to a post on Wallace’s mother’s Facebook page, the FBI stopped investigating the case since Job has not committed a crime and is an adult.

TYT emailed the FBI asking why they haven’t alerted the public to the potential threat, whether or not they’ve notified Mexican authorities, and why they stopped investigating. The FBI did not respond to TYT's questions or dispute the authenticity of the document. They referred further questions to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service [NCIS].

In a statement to TYT, Special Agent in Charge Kurt Thomas of the NCIS Marine Corps West Field Office said, “NCIS and our partners are working diligently to locate Lance Cpl. Wallace and bring him home safely.”

Thomas said, “Anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to contact NCIS or local law enforcement. Tips may be submitted anonymously using the NCIS Tips app, at or by calling (760) 840-5005.”

Ken Klippenstein is a senior investigative reporter for TYT. He can be reached securely via Signal at 202-510-1268, on Twitter @kenklippenstein or via email: [email protected].

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