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Is the Climate Crisis Racist?
Due to systemic racism, classism, and sexism, disadvantaged communities in the United States face the effects of a destabilized climate first and worst. Click here to learn more.
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An ‘$18 Per Day’ Job Listing Is Receiving The Universal Dragging That It Deserves-but is something this INSANE actually legit?

Ends November 9
198 Votes

The University of Manchester is being criticized for allowing a Ph.D. student to publish what critics call a "Ph.D. in masturbation". The student, Karl Andersson, is studying certain types of Japanese comic books by masturbating while reading them, and taking notes afterward. Critics say this is a waste of taxpayers' money.

Ends October 25
196 Votes

The mayor of a town in France wants to charge hikers $15,000 to climb Mont Blanc to cover rescue and funeral expenses. He says that ‘pseudo-mountaineers’ have ignored warnings NOT to climb the mountain in dangerous conditions, leading to rescue missions for which taxpayers must foot the bill.

Ends November 8
199 Votes

A Florida man tried to break into a Space Force base in order to warn them about an imminent war between aliens and dragons, which apparently the president told him about in his head.

Ends November 21
420 Votes

The working people of California made their voices heard loud and clear when more than ONE MILLION Californians signed the California Living Wage Act proposal to get an $18 minimum wage on the ballot in November. However, the California Secretary of State is claiming that the signatures are not valid because they were submitted on July 13th instead of June 30th, despite local election officials’ insistence that July 13th is the correct date. When asked for his opinion by the press, Gov. Newsom’s office merely reiterated that the date for submitting signatures has passed and remained silent on holding a special election.

In Gavin Newsom’s role as the Governor of California, it’s time for him to step up to the plate and help the working class. We, the undersigned, call on Governor Gavin Newsom to hold a special election so the working people of California can get a $6,240 raise - right now!

July 21
3.7k Signatures

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said he has ordered an investigation concerning the San Francisco police crime lab using DNA from sexual assault victims in order to prosecute them for crimes.

Not only could this be a violation of constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, but it can also discourage sexual assault victims from reporting crimes.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin stated: “Rapes and sexual assault are violent, dehumanizing, and traumatic. I am disturbed that victims who have the courage to undergo an invasive examination to help identify their perpetrators are being treated like criminals rather than supported as crime victims. We should encourage survivors to come forward — not collect evidence to use against them in the future."

Scott agrees: “We must never create disincentives for crime victims to cooperate with police, and if it’s true that DNA collected from a rape or sexual assault victim has been used by SFPD to identify and apprehend that person as a suspect in another crime, I’m committed to ending the practice.”

San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen said she has asked the city attorney's office to draft legislation barring the use of rape kit evidence except to investigate the rape.

We support the actions being taken to investigate this violation of constitutional rights in order to protect sexual assault victims. We call on the San Francisco police crime lab, and all local and federal police crime labs, to end this abuse of power immediately.

Do you have suggestions for this petition campaign? Do you have updates regarding this petition that we should be aware of? Let us know in the comments below. We do this together. You are TYT.

Ends November 4
February 15
2.8k Signatures

Every year, more Democrats drop the National Prayer Breakfast (NPB) held in February. Why? As journalist Jeff Sharlet revealed in his books and Netflix documentary series, it’s run by a secretive, theocratic Christian organization known as The Family. The breakfast defies democratic accountability – the guest list is secret, as is who decides who gets to come. It also violates separation of church and state, endorsing not just religion, but prayer, and evangelical Christianity. Just last year, TYT Investigates revealed that anti-LGBTQ evangelist Franklin Graham is secretly bankrolling the event. Democratic participation in the breakfast gives it the impression of being a bipartisan, semi-official event – and that lets The Family use the event to empower and mainstream right-wing, anti-LGBTQ activists and leaders around the world.

The handful of Democrats still willing to lend their name to the event say that it creates unity. But that’s not what the record shows:

  • After Pres. Biden spoke last year, Franklin Graham attacked him for his remarks;
  • When Pres. Trump spoke, the audience applauded his divisive, partisan attacks;
  • The Family used the breakfast to turn MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell into a religious and political extremist;
  • The Family lets anti-LGBTQ officials from other countries hand out tickets to build their networks;
  • The Family helped Russian political activist Maria Butina and Russian politician Alexander Torshin use the breakfast to network with right-wing Christians;
  • The breakfast guest list tilts overwhelmingly toward right-wing Protestantism; secular, progressive, black, and LGBTQ leaders are almost totally excluded;
  • The Family has used the breakfast to elevate and mainstream right-wing celebrities;
  • LGBTQ organizations have warned that giving prayer breakfasts the appearance of right-wing support helps them mainstream far-right networks and ideas;
  • The Family’s allies in other countries are almost exclusively about as far right as each country’s political discourse allows.

Democrats who believe in transparency and accountability should not be aiding an organization that conceals its donors, leaders, personnel, and activities around the world. Democrats who believe in the separation of church and state should not lend their official-seeming endorsement to an event that violates this precept. Democrats who support LGBTQ rights should not aid anti-LGBTQ activists in expanding their influence. Democrats truly invested in harnessing prayer and faith for good can find or create alternative venues to do so.

If you want to learn more about The Family and the National Prayer Breakfast, Sharlet’s work uncovered decades of global wrongdoing. More recently, the New Yorker, the New York Times, and others have revealed new details about the money behind the NPB. Last year, TYT Investigates obtained secret, internal Family documents that led to the launch of an ongoing investigative series, which you can find at Individual stories can be found here:

  1. Prayer Group in Russia Case Had Envoy to Eastern Europe in GOP Congressman

  2. Group in Russia Probe Sponsored Travel for Ukraine Meetings with Manafort Clients

  3. Clandestine U.S. Christian Org Linked to Anti-Semitic Leader

  4. GOP Missions in Eastern Europe Were Paid for by Butina-Linked Christian Group and Ukraine Ally

  5. National Prayer Breakfast Group Has New Leadership

  6. Christian Group Reported Expenses for Having Russians at National Prayer Breakfast

  7. Coons Stays Silent as His Top Donor Tries to Crush a Union

  8. Another Member of Congress Drops the National Prayer Breakfast

  9. CIA Vet: Russian Ties to Prayer Breakfast Part of Influence Operations

  10. Under Scrutiny, Fellowship Foundation Issues New Rules for National Prayer Breakfast

  11. At the Head of the National Prayer Breakfast, a GOP Megadonor

  12. Coons Concerned About Perception of Partisanship at National Prayer Breakfast

  13. Klobuchar Drops National Prayer Breakfast Role

  14. Biden's Short List Has "Family" Ties

  15. Prayer Breakfast Leaders Backed Trump's Election Lies

  16. Democrats Support Prayer Breakfast After Its Leaders Backed Trump Lies

  17. Franklin Graham Is Secretly Bankrolling the National Prayer Breakfast

  18. LGTBI Group Warns Democrats About Prayer Breakfasts

  19. Democrats Invited Anti-LGBTQ Ukrainians to the National Prayer Breakfast

  20. Fortenberry, a Family Insider, Indicted on Federal Charges

  21. Fortenberry Concealed The Family’s Role in Illegal Campaign Funding Scheme

  22. Secular Group Calls for Congress to Boycott National Prayer Breakfast

  23. Did The Family Just Make a Play for Elon Musk?

  24. Chick-fil-A's Man Inside the National Prayer Breakfast

  25. Maria Butina's National Prayer Breakfast Host Was a Chick-fil-A Executive

  26. Tim Kaine Drops the National Prayer Breakfast

Ends December 18
January 25
1.7k Signatures

The “Build Back Better Act,” also referred to as the reconciliation bill, is a critical step towards helping our country and our planet to begin healing.

But, Sen. Joe Manchin (conservative Democrat from West Virginia) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (conservative Democrat from Arizona) have managed to take out almost all of our progressive priorities during the so-called negotiations.

Negotiating for lower drug prices, which nearly 90% of Americans want, has been taken out to please drug companies. The most important climate provisions have been taken out to please fossil fuel companies. The billionaires tax has been taken out to please… billionaires. None of Trump’s tax cuts have been rolled back. Two years of free community college is out. And now to add insult to injury, paid family leave was taken out at the very end.

Progressives, however, have a chance to stand strong and do what they went to DC to do – fight for our families.

Democrats are now agreeing with Republicans that parents do not deserve to have paid time off work when they have a child, or need to care for a sick loved one. That’s a bridge too far.

“Paid leave is literally the one piece of this package that could touch any household in America, at any of the most happy or scary times in their lives. The fact that it’s comprehensive means that it is usable by people across life circumstances, age, family types. It recognizes that giving and receiving care is a basic need, and it’s a uniting policy in a way that so few are these days.” -Vicki Shabo, senior fellow for paid leave policy and strategy at New America’s Better Life Lab

Senator Bernie Sanders stated: “So, it seems to me, almost every sensible progressive revenue option that the president wants… that the American people want… that I want… seems to be sabotaged.”

If Democrats agree to take paid family, medical leave out of the bill, we say: No Deal.


Ends March 13
October 28
7k Signatures
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