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Is the Climate Crisis Racist?
Due to systemic racism, classism, and sexism, disadvantaged communities in the United States face the effects of a destabilized climate first and worst. Click here to learn more.
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A man moved to a remote village in Spain for several months and cut off contact with his friends and family in order to focus on an intense weight loss program. He weighed 338 pounds when he left and returned 137 pounds lighter.

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An entrepreneur went around London asking kids if they'd rather have a million online followers or a million pounds. The answers were pretty split, with about an equal number of kids picking the money and the followers.

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A TikTok user has sparked a heated online debate for saying that she loves her baby just as much as she loves her dog.

Cavaleri told TikTokers the love she feels for her pet is "the same thing" as what she feels for her baby, even though other parents told her that she should love her child more.

Many viewers agreed with Cavaleri, saying the love can be equal even if it feels different.

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TYT's 21st Anniversary is TUESDAY, February 14th at 8 pm ET/5pm PT. We're showing classic clips from TYT's past, and we want your input! What is your FAVORITE TYT moment of all time? The winning clip will be played on air!

Ends February 14
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As of July 2022, eight states have zero statutory minimum age requirements and only seven states have banned underage marriages with no exceptions.

Meanwhile, despite Republican outcries to “stop groomers,” all across the country Republicans in state legislatures are working hard to legalize child marriage.

Last year, in Tennessee, Republicans sought to eliminate ANY age limits on marriage entirely, until public outrage forced them to kill the bill. This year, Republicans in Wyoming are already seeking to kill a bill that would raise the state’s legal marriage age to 16, which–according to Unchained at Last, an anti-child marriage advocacy group–would only protect a small number of children and should have an even higher age included in the bill. Yet Republicans are still trying to stop the bill from passing!

Enough is enough.

While Republicans argue that placing “arbitrary” limits on child marriage interferes with “parental rights” and “religious liberty,” it’s crystal clear that the real goal for Republicans is to legalize marriage to underage children.

Let’s put an end to child marriage once and for all so we can protect our kids from dangerous predators. Sign our petition to demand that Speaker McCarthy #ProtectOurKids!

Ends August 31
1.5k Signatures

From Wall Street bailouts, to PPP Loans, our government is always giving rich–often white–people handouts while the rest of us work hard to get by.

Legacy Admissions are no different.

They give rich, mostly white, students a boost in college admissions that are completely void of any merit. In fact, at top ten universities, more rich white students are admitted through Legacy Admissions practices than Black and Latino students are admitted through Affirmative Action!

This isn’t fair.

That’s why we’re glad that Rep. Jamaal Bowman and Senator Jeff Merkley have introduced the Fair College Admissions for Students Act to stop the practice of Affirmative Action for rich white people: Legacy Admissions.

If you’d like to see Congress pass the Fair College Admissions for Students Act, repost this petition using the hashtag #LoseTheLegacy, tag @tytnation, and tell Congress why we need to end Legacy Admissions.

November 1
734 Signatures

Members of the House are urging Democratic Party leadership to not attach a bill fast-tracking pipeline permits to must-pass legislation to fund the federal government past the end of next month.

The pipeline-permitting bill was promised to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) by Sen. Maj. Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in return for Manchin supporting the Inflation Reduction Act. But progressives and environmental justice advocates have warned that the bill will make it easier for fossil fuel companies to overcome community opposition to potentially dangerous projects.

Despite progressive opposition, some House Democrats might feel compelled to support the Manchin bill if Pelosi and Hoyer tie it to a resolution to keep the government funded past Sept. 30. Progressive members have signed a letter asking House Democrats to oppose such a move which gives progressives a shot at killing it.

But if Speaker Pelosi moves forward with the pipeline permits included, she will be forcing progressives to vote "NO" on the bill overall.

Let's make our voices heard and tell Speaker Pelosi: don't force progressives to vote against the Budget Bill.

September 1
3.7k Signatures

The working people of California made their voices heard loud and clear when more than ONE MILLION Californians signed the California Living Wage Act proposal to get an $18 minimum wage on the ballot in November. However, the California Secretary of State is claiming that the signatures are not valid because they were submitted on July 13th instead of June 30th, despite local election officials’ insistence that July 13th is the correct date. When asked for his opinion by the press, Gov. Newsom’s office merely reiterated that the date for submitting signatures has passed and remained silent on holding a special election.

In Gavin Newsom’s role as the Governor of California, it’s time for him to step up to the plate and help the working class. We, the undersigned, call on Governor Gavin Newsom to hold a special election so the working people of California can get a $6,240 raise - right now!

July 21
4k Signatures
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