Temporary Associate Producer

Los Angeles, CA


Political News / Media / Production


Temporary,8-9 weeks. Potential temp to hire (regular-FT)

Primary Responsibilities


  • Writing lower thirds to accompany stories and interviews.
  • Working with in studio crew for on the fly with labels and lower thirds
  • Running the show in the control room, coordinating with stage manager, director, to ensure proper visuals appear in coordination with what they're talking about.
  • Working with other associate producer on rundown, archives, and show daily doc.


  • Suggesting topics for general discussion and for individual buckets.
  • Helping suggest questions and providing background info on interview subjects.
  • Suggesting guests for the show
  • Developing new buckets and branded segments.
  • Coordinate editing procedures and distribute work to editors based on priorities.
  • Coordinating / producing / creating visual and audio elements of the show (Packages, VO's SOT's, Graphics) required by Producers to build the newscast.


  • Adobe Premiere - mogrt manipulation, b-roll creation, SOT preparation,
  • Adobe Photoshop - ability to manipulate graphics / charts so they fit where required.
  • Keeping up to date on analytics for the channel, adapting content strategy
  • Connecting with and briefing Skype guests before their segments
  • Main contact between TDR team and graphics and editing department
  • Quality Control: ensuring videos edited meet quality requirements.
  • Gather visual and audio elements from News Agencies, Social Media or other News Outlets.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Excellent comprehension of political climate/current events and a passion for Progressive politics required.
  • 1-2 years in production preferred.

TYT is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send your resume to [email protected] and include Temporary Associate Producer in the subject line.


TYT is an equal opportunity employer.


Please send your resume to [email protected] and include Associate Producer in the subject line.