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Jamia Zarzuela

Jamia is TYT Investigates Interns. She is a political science major and afro studies minor at Evergreen state college, dedicated to filling spaces & having conversations that black women were once shoved out of. As a videographer and photographer she has always had an interest in music and literature. Inspired by artists from the Harlem renaissance like James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Zora Neale Hurston who all touched on socio-political and cultural issues through their art, she hopes to better engage and empower her generation in as many unconventional ways as she can think of.

As Nina Simone says, “An artist Duty… is to reflect the time” for Nina it was only natural to combine her love of art & passion for politics. For Jamia, TYT was the best place to continue to engage with the issues that matter.