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Kim Horcher

Kim Horcher is the host and executive producer for Nerd Alert. She also writes and hosts The Breakdown, a TYT Facebook original series. Kim can also be seen on What the Flick?! and The Young Turks.

She loves discussing games, comic book movies, and other nerdy touchstones, but also speaks passionately about causes including environmentalism, the violence versus video game debate, and net neutrality. She is interested in futurism and one day wants to see an ideal Star Trek world, even though, she also loves Star Wars.

Kim's been nominated in The Streamys, The Geekies, and has won an LA-area news Emmy.

Kim is an extremely well-rounded commenter and expert and has made many appearances on other outlets including C-NET, USA Today Tech, Hyper RPG, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, Alpha, Dungeons and Dragons (Twitch), Seeker, Machinima, and more.

Kim has worked in many different roles at various news outlets in Southern California. Between her traditional media and new media careers, she nearly took a job as a professional princess at the Disneyland Resort.

When Kim first started at TYT, she was a main show news video publisher, Cenk's assistant, and sometimes, if there was time, she worked on launching and hosting a show called Nerd Alert mainly on her own. She is really only skilled at the latter.

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