Trump is barreling back towards the White House with only Joe Biden to stand in his way. This is a disaster. Trump’s first term was a near-daily parade of controversies. We couldn’t list them all here if we tried. So we want to do something to remind the good folks of the world just what it was like to have the Donald in office. Before a single ballot is counted, TYT is putting on its own contest. Instead of two unpopular politicians, we’re pitting Trumpisms against Trumpisms. TYT and Operation Hope proudly present the first-ever Trump Brackets!

Trump Brackets will function just like the NCAA March Madness brackets. First, you, the audience, will submit your choice for your “favorite” Trumpism. Any one of his countless idiotic ramblings or abuses of power can be chosen. Next, we will create polls that put your choices in head to head matches - we all get together and vote for a winner one round at a time. Next, you will be able to predict the winner with your own bracket. Finally, we’ll crown a champion Trumpism among the biggest loser's lowest moments.

There’s always a chance that Trump may lose this November. While that outcome has its own challenges, another Trump Presidency would have dire consequences for us all. Trump Brackets is an opportunity for us to remind everyone just who exactly this wildly unqualified monster is. The situation may seem bleak, but TYT started Operation Hope for times like these. A brighter day is coming. But until then, Operation Hope is here to keep us together and organized so that we can create lasting positive change.