The bipartisan Washington DC consensus of unequivocal support for Israel in any conflict with Palestinians, regardless of the context or facts on the ground, is beginning to show fissures, whether in the form of progressive members of Congress expressing criticism of Israel or mainstream media outlets giving voice to Palestinian perspectives. Failing to get the memo, however, was CNN host Jake Tapper, who spread what Ana describes as “pure propaganda” during an interview with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) about the conflict.

Specifically, Tapper opened the conversation with this loaded question: “What do you think the appropriate response for the Israeli government and military should be given that this particular military conflict began 10 days ago with Hamas firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians?”

As Ana feels compelled to point out in this clip, the current conflict did NOT start ten days ago with the launch of Hamas rockets, but rather a month ago when Israeli authorities imposed new restrictions on religious gatherings during Ramadan and initiated procedures for expelling Palestinian residents from their homes in East Jerusalem in order for Jewish families to move in.

Tapper’s knee-jerk adoption of Israeli framing is inexcusable for anyone who claims to be a journalist, Ana says, adding that CNN’s viewers deserve to hear a more complete description of the unfolding events in Israel and Palestine than what’s on offer from Tapper.

“That framing was pure propaganda,” she says. “It was a lie. I don't know if it was intentional… but the framing of that question is a continuation of this legacy media narrative of what's happening in Israel, in Gaza, in the West Bank. And the fact that Palestinian citizens of Israel are being evicted from the homes that they've lived in for decades, that's a relevant part of the story and that jake tapper just erased that reality in the framing of his question is telling.”