The Democratic-controlled House has passed the For the People Act, aka H.R. 1, which includes provisions like barring foreign interference in US elections, limiting the influence of money in politics, increasing election security, same-day voter registration and allowing vote-by-mail for all voters. The bill got zero Republican votes in the House and so far not a single Republican Senator has expressed support. But what about the American people — where do they stand on the different planks in this piece of legislation?

In this Damage Report clip, John and Jayar break down polling results indicating that more than 80 percent of Americans support keeping foreign influence out of our elections, and more than 60 percent support requiring non-partisan redistricting commissions to address gerrymandering, a 15-day early voting period for all federal elections, same day registration and increasing vote-by-mail options. Among Republicans specifically, less than half of respondents supported automatic voter registration or restoring voting rights to felons.

John wonders who the 10-20 percent of Americans are who are A-OK with foreign agents influencing our elections, while Jayar says he’s often skeptical of polling because there’s so much propaganda floating around that people will often regurgitate what they’ve heard from their “tribal” media sources without giving any real thought to why, for example, they oppose allowing the formerly incarcerated to vote. He then suggests pollsters ask follow-up questions to see how well poll respondents can support their positions with evidence and logical reasoning. Good luck with that, Jayar!