Spotify host Joe Rogan is among the most influential podcasters in the world, and when he speaks people pay attention — whether they should or not. The latest brouhaha Rogan has gotten himself into involves the question of vaccinating young people against coronavirus. During a recent broadcast Rogan said he would recommend against 21-year-olds getting vaccinated if they are healthy, exercise regularly and eat well. He added that while he didn’t want to diminish the experience of others who had died, his children contracted COVID and it was no big deal.

In this clip Ana and John use the controversy as a “teachable moment” and take Rogan to “The Debunker,” a new feature for dispelling the “damaging things influential people say with unearned confidence.” John begins by noting that just saying you don’t want to diminish someone’s experience doesn’t really count when you proceed to do just that (See also: “I’m not a racist, but…”). He also points out that exercise, healthy eating, etc. have virtually nothing to do with a person’s reaction to being exposed to coronavirus, so that’s also something Rogan should stop saying.

Another widespread idea John debunks is that these vaccines were whipped up in a lab virtually overnight and rushed out to the public. Yes, he says, Operation Warp Speed facilitated the process and reduced the red tape, but research into these MRNA vaccines had been underway for decades and was only jumpstarted in response to COVID.

Watch the full clip for other topics covered in The Debunker, including:

  • How mutations are making the virus much more dangerous for young people than earlier iterations
  • Alarming reports from the state of Michigan about hospitalization numbers for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s
  • How herd immunity depends on vaccinations, even among the young and healthy
  • How comedian Bill Burr deftly shot down Rogan’s anti-mask stance during a recent taping