In the ongoing effort among right wing outlets to drum up controversy about Democrats to distract from the fact that Republicans aren’t offering any solutions to the nation’s problems, we have as our latest “scandal,” first reported in the New York Post, that migrant children arriving at the border are all being issued copies of Vice President Kamala Harris’ children’s book, “The Truths We Hold.” As anyone with an IQ higher than a bag of cement could immediately figure out, the story is not true, and now the reporter responsible, Laura Italiano, has resigned from the Post.

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Jayar report that Italiano says she should have “pushed back” more diligently against the story once it became clear that her editors were asking her to report straight up propaganda. Which leads Jayar to wonder where the punishment is for the editors, publishers and any others at the Post who pushed this story — why aren’t they being forced to resign and publicly humiliated, he wants to know?

John and Jayar then together detail all the reasons why this story is so preposterous, and indicative of just how gullible right-wing media outlets believe their readers to be that they would swallow such a demonstrably phony story.

Also discussed in the clip:

  • The source for the story, which was a photo of one child with a copy of the book - How the New York Post has responded by editing and republishing the story but without admitting it was all a fabrication
  • Just how unlikely it would be that a Central American migrant child would be able to read any book — to say nothing of the VP’s book — in English
  • How desperate the right-wing echo chamber is to find something — anything — to puncture Democrats’ popularity right now