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TYT Community Projects

Corruption of U.S. Elections: Is there a solution?
Under our current political system, money speaks louder than the voices of the people. Arm yourself with the facts about the history of corruption and ways we can reform it.
By: Alison Hartson|Aug 25, 2021|
It's Yoda Day!
Check out what our volunteers made for Yoda day...
By: Alison Hartson|May 21, 2021|
It's National #BeAMillionaireDay!
The volunteers at #TYTArmy put together some fun clips to celebrate those who own more wealth than someone making the current $7.25 minimum wage would make in 60 years... if they didn't eat or pay rent.
By: Alison Hartson|May 20, 2021|
Tuition-Free College and Student Loan Debt Crisis
The U.S. crisis regarding student loan debt and rising higher education costs is unprecedented. The cost of doing nothing is damaging our economy and workforce, so what are our options?
By: Alison Hartson|May 18, 2021|
College for All meets resistance from The Wall Street Journal
Both the left and right say that community college is already inexpensive and making it free wouldn’t sufficiently address the problems of high dropout rates and students being unprepared for college-level work. TYT Army research proves otherwise.
By: Alison Hartson|May 18, 2021|
Is the “Fight for 15” enough?
Understanding the purpose and history of the minimum wage is important as we continue our fight for workers' rights.
By: Alison Hartson|May 13, 2021|
Billionaires rip billions from the working class for decades
Bloomberg headlines states that Biden Tax Rule Would Rip Billions From Biggest Fortunes at Death.
By: Alison Hartson|May 5, 2021|
Environmental Terms: What do they actually mean?
The media and other influencers often use environmental terms incorrectly, causing confusion and misinformation. Arm yourself with the facts and learn how to detect when they are being misleading or are just misinformed themselves.
By: Alison Hartson|May 5, 2021|
The Real Election Fraud? Voter Suppression.
As the country turns the page on Trump, we must shine the spotlight away from lies and onto one of the true threats to our democracy.
By: Alison Hartson|May 5, 2021|
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