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Article: “Feel-Good” Stories Don’t Feel So Good
While some stories show the best of us, they also expose the harsh political realities we live in. But is there hope?
By: Alison Hartson|Oct 27, 2021|
[video] You Are The Change with Godiva Morte, Artist & Burlesque Performer
From Elvira and Dolly Parton, to being diagnosed as bipolar, to becoming a fan of Michael Brooks, to being brown in Texas, Godiva dives deep with Alison Hartson on what it takes to stay motivated in politics and life in general.
By: Alison Hartson|Oct 12, 2021|
It’s Not about Jobs: The Selfish Agenda of Six Pro-Tax Cut Corporations
The executives and boards of Apple, FedEx, UPS, Lockheed Martin, Eli Lilly, and Stryker are only looking out for themselves. Find out how.
By: Alison Hartson|Oct 5, 2021|
[video] Book Chat: The Shock Doctrine, Part 4-b
Are there solutions to fighting back against neoliberalism and propaganda?
By: Alison Hartson|Sep 30, 2021|
[video] Book Chat: The Shock Doctrine, Part 4-a
Now that we better understand neoliberalism, we talk about how critical it is for voters to understand Keynesian vs Friedman economics. How does this relate to cooperatives, the stock market, Senator Bernie Sanders, Obama, & memes?
By: Alison Hartson|Sep 3, 2021|
[video] You Are The Change with Dana Manning, Litigation Specialist
How did Dana's experience lead her to fighting for Medicare for All with the TYT Army? How did she accidentally meet Cenk Uygur before she knew TYT?
By: Alison Hartson|Aug 25, 2021|
[video] Book Chat: The Shock Doctrine, Part 3
We dive further into neoliberalism and trickle-down economics; reflect on Nina Turner's election, and more!
By: Alison Hartson|Aug 21, 2021|
[video] Book Chat: The Shock Doctrine, Part 2
Neoliberalism... Free-Market Economies... 9-11... We explore these topics and more!
By: Alison Hartson|Aug 5, 2021|
[VIDEO] You Are The Change with Michael Berlind, screenwriter and freelance writer
Michael talks about his upcoming article to reveal the dystopian reality behind feel-good stories, the greatest challenges progressives are facing, and why he is hopeful.
By: Alison Hartson|Jul 24, 2021|
[video] The Shock Doctrine, Part 1: TYT Community Book Chat
Highlights from our book chat, from socialism to Marx to Medicare for All... we're learning a lot and having fun while doing it. You can join us!
By: Alison Hartson|Jul 14, 2021|