John describes it as “possibly one of the worst stories I have ever covered on this channel.” He’s talking specifically about a lawsuit alleging that managers and supervisors at a Tyson pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa apparently placed bets on which of their employees would contract Covid-19.

As John points out in this clip from The Damage Report, the wagering apparently took place in the early stages of the pandemic when poorly protected workers were forced to report for work or else face losing their jobs. Guest host Dan Evans labels the whole scenario as “disgusting,” not only because of the callous treatment of human beings, but also that we live in a system that gives people like these managers that level of power. John notes that in addition to the Covid-related horrors of toiling away for long hours in cramped meatpacking plant conditions, these workers were doubly burdened by the Trump administration’s loosening of rules on line speeds, the volume of fecal matter allowed in the end product and greater restrictions on bathroom breaks. So, basically, a horror show all around.

And that’s not even considering the appalling treatment of the animals being “processed.”