In a recent video, a visibly unkempt and unhinged Charlie Kirk alleged that "the left" has always hated Thanksgiving, with the Turning Point USA founder suggesting that, quote, "Thanksgiving can be interpreted as a religious holiday if you believe in giving thanks to a Creator, but leftists hate Thanksgiving because they believe there is nothing you should be thankful for in America."

After viewing the video, observers on Twitter variously described Kirk's disheveled appearance as looking like he “woke up on a beach,” “is delivering a manifesto from an undisclosed location,” or “had a crazed chimp tear his face off.”

In this clip, Ana and John are more bewildered and concerned about Kirk than upset at his calumnies, with Ana sincerely inquiring whether someone has done a “wellness check” on him before dismissing his anti-leftist Thanksgiving rant as evidence-free and just plain bizarre. John, meanwhile, laments the low quality of right-wing grift exemplified by Charlie Kirk when the standard for producing conservative video production is so low, and yet somehow Kirk still fails to measure up.