As you’re no doubt aware, we’re currently in the midst of that time-honored American tradition of choreographed Kabuki theater that passes for Senate confirmation hearings of a Supreme Court nominee, in this case, Amy Coney Barrett. And as Ana and John detail in this clip, everyone involved - Democrats, Republicans and the nominee - are playing their roles as we move to an inevitable conclusion.

There have been, however, a few noteworthy twists this time around. While nominees routinely refuse to offer any opinion about prospective decisions, indicating they would have to base any judgment on the arguments proffered, Barrett has even balked at seeming “layup” question like whether the president can unilaterally delay an election or if a sitting president who loses a reelection bid should have to stand aside and ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

John expresses frustration at the whole process, which he labels “pointless” and says it’s become clear that Barrett has made promises to the GOP leadership and she’s going to deliver on those promises, no matter what she has to say - or refuse to say - in these hearings. Ana at least sees some humor in the whole sh*tshow, joking that after Barrett would not answer Amy Klobuchar’s question about voter intimidation, the Minnesota Senator threw a stapler at her.