In case there was any question whether we’re living through strange times, Senate Majority Leader and primary recipient of millions of dollars in campaign donations from corporate interests Mitch McConnell recently said that he feels corporations should stay out of politics. Of course, the Kentucky Senator soon reemerged from his shell to clarify that he didn’t mean corporations should stop making campaign contributions — perish the thought!— but merely that they should shut up about criticizing states that pass laws the corporations feel are hostile to democracy. “I just think it’s stupid,” McConnell said.

In this clip Ana and John point out the hypocrisy of someone like McConnell, who just loves “whoring” himself to corporate interests, in Ana’s words, attacking those same interests for injecting themselves into politics. McConnell’s position is pretty simple, John says — he believes corporations should keep giving McConnell money and keep speaking out when it’s to support Republicans but to just keep their stinking’ traps shut in those cases when their corporate interests don’t happen to coincide with the GOP’s political interests.

Ana points out that McConnell is making a big stink about a whole lot of very little, seeing as how the only actual move any corporation has made in response to the new Georgia voter suppression law is Major League Baseball pulling this year’s All-star game out of Atlanta. Otherwise, she says, Georgia-based companies have only issued letters of disapproval with no threat of further action. What she wants to see is if the companies will follow up these letters by refusing to donate to Georgia legislators who voted for the voter suppression law. That would be genuinely putting their money where their corporate mouths are, she says.