It’s been a month and a half and we still haven’t fully unraveled what happened before the January 6 assault on the US Capitol and now we have another mystery to solve — specifically, why did the Texas power grid fail so spectacularly during this most recent winter storm, leaving millions of Texans without power, heat and water and one dog named Snowflake without its owner who fled with the family to the balmier shores of Cancun, Mexico? It turns out the answer is NOT frozen windmills, the Green New Deal or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but rather the highly predictable - and previously predicted - lack of regulation that allowed Texas utilities to neglect to winterize facilities that then succumbed to the dropping temperatures.

In this clip John, Cenk and The Guardian’s Kenya Evelyn break down the story and identify who the key culprits are while also calling out the mainstream media for failing to tell the full story of what happened in Texas. John points out that these “once-in-a-century” storms are actually happening about every ten years and, although the federal government has “recommended” that the state winterize its facilities, there are no consequences to failing to do so, and in fact it has been far more profitable not to winterize, so who cares if some Texans die as long as there’s money to be made?

This is yet another example of legalized bribery, Cenk says, pointing out that Texas government officials like Governor Abbott, Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and former Governor Rick Perry all received hefty campaign contributions from the very companies they are, in theory, supposed to oversee. If these utilities can spend just a few million dollars on bribes, Cenk says, to make many more millions by fleecing the public and putting lives of poor Texans at risk, why wouldn’t they take that deal? Kenya also agrees with Cenk that the national media have done a piss-poor job calling out deregulation as the root cause of the breakdown in Texas and demanding accountability from the politicians responsible, even if they have been all over the Ted Cruz - Cancun beat.