You probably saw the recent news that actress Ellen Page had “come out” as trans and from this point forward will be identifying as a man with the name Elliot Page. Then you probably logged this information, shrugged and swiped on to the next news item without giving this story all that much thought. But you’re not Ben Shapiro. No, because when he’s not busy boasting about his inability to satisfy his wife, everyone’s favorite fast-talking, pint-sized, high-pitched right-wing commentator can’t spend enough time tearing his hair out over the latest move to accept trans individuals into the mainstream of American society.

In this clip John and Ana discuss Shapiro’s “tantrum” over Page’s announcement, which Ben insists he “doesn’t care” about… before launching into a lengthy segment on the topic. Using words like “awkward,” “creepy,” “disgusting” and “pathetic, Ana makes it quite clear how she feels about Shapiro’s bizarre fixation on trans issues, in particular at a time when the nation faces genuine crises like, say, a pandemic?

John, meanwhile, suggests that right-wingers like Shapiro focus on trans issues so much out of a combination of nostalgia for the good old days when it was perfectly acceptable to spew venom about gay people combined with just generally being out of touch with their own audience of young conservatives who don’t care nearly so much about hating on the trans community as the right-wing commentariat thinks.