Donald Trump has indicated that he intends to fight with every fiber of his being - and even his toupee, if necessary - to try to claw victory in the 2020 presidential election from the jaws of what most observers say was a decisive defeat. To that end he’s deployed a team of lawyers, led by the leak-stained Rudy Giuliani, to file countless lawsuits and wage a public relations campaign in the president’s favor. Meanwhile Joe Biden, the election’s winner, appears to have deployed a team of… crickets.

And Cenk is plenty upset at the president-elect’s lack of initiative to defend his victory, in this clip telling Biden in no uncertain terms to get off his ass and fight back. The Republicans are actively trying to steal an election and undermine democracy, Cenk says, and Biden can barely be bothered to leave his basement.

Instead, Cenk says, Biden and his team should be informing Trump and his lackeys that they plan to pursue criminal actions against the president if he violates federal laws against tampering with an election. The public needs to understand that it’s not Biden but Trump who is undermining democracy and attempting to stage a coup. Anything less and Biden is betraying the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him, Cenk says.