For many years now grousers in the GOP have been demanding that something needs to be done about the rampant voter fraud in this country and now by gum they’re finally taking action - by engaging in voter fraud themselves. The specific go-getters, in this case, are members of the California Republican Party, who have begun setting up unauthorized but official-looking ballot drop boxes in several major counties even though doing so is patently illegal.

As John and Francesca discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, such actions undoubtedly qualify as election tampering, but since Republicans rarely seem to face consequences for their lawbreaking, the idea that anyone will go to jail over this criminal activity seems implausible. Francesca says these phony drop boxes remind her of the so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” right-wing evangelical Christians establish, ostensibly to “counsel” pregnant women, but that are actually all about force-feeding these women with anti-abortion propaganda.

John says the only saving grace is that these drop boxes likely won’t fool many voters except possibly Republicans, so the impact on actual vote totals shouldn’t be too severe, especially in a deep-blue state like California. Just to be safe, he says, California voters looking to drop off their ballots should research online where actual, official drop boxes are so they don’t fall for GOP dirty tricks.