Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration is, as they say, a mood. And that mood has taken the Internet by storm, with the masked, bundled and be-mittened Bernie seated in a folding chair becoming THE dominant meme to emerge from the Biden inaugural ceremony. Fans of the image have hilariously photoshopped Inauguration Bernie onto a subway car, into the Vermont wilderness, next to Chris Christie on a New Jersey beach, onto the deck of the Starship Enterprise and into pretty much every iconic photo imaginable. Bernie, truly, is everywhere.

In this clip from the Damage Report, John and Jayar celebrate the viral nature of this new Bernie Sanders meme and propose their own ideas for where they might place Bernie if they had better Photoshop skills (John) or the time to invest (Jayar). They also credit the true brains behind the meme, Etsy crafter Jen Ellis who is reportedly responsible for giving Bernie's his signature mittens as a gift a couple of years ago. Ellis makes the mittens from repurposed wool sweaters and then lines them with fleece from recycled plastic bottles, so they are, as John puts it, “the Bernie Sanders of mittens.”