It’s difficult to find much that liberals and conservatives agree on these days, but one possible area of commonality that binds the left and, well, most of the right, anyway, is the belief that Ted Cruz is a complete and utter nozzle. And this past couple of days have shown just how much of an unctuous weasel Cruz is, after the Republican Senator fled his frozen home state for a hastily-planned vacation in Cancun, leaving behind not only millions of suffering Texans but also his dog, Snowflake. After being caught fleeing the country, Cruz lied by pretending he was only accompanying his wife and daughters on the flight to Mexico and then was planning to return the next day. He had no answer for why his return flight had initially been booked for five days later. Oops!

In this clip Ana and Cenk revel in the schadenfreude generated by Cruz’s epic self-own, with Ana quipping that in addition to our jobs, Mexicans are apparently now also stealing our politicians, and Cenk describing the Cruz backpedal as “possibly the worst excuse of all time.” Pointing out that Cruz placed the blame on his daughters for wanting to go on vacation while school was closed, and recalling that Ted still 100 percent supported Donald Trump after Trump called Cruz’s wife ugly, Ana observes that there’s no family member Cruz won’t throw under a bus if he thinks it will help him politically.

Cenk says that of course this episode reveals what a selfish, craven excuse for a human being Cruz is, but it also exposes what a bad politician he is. Under the same circumstance, Cenk says, Donald Trump would have gone on the offensive, proudly confirming that he ditched the freezing cold of Texas for warmer weather, and decrying the “losers” who were stuck behind to suffer, and Republicans would have lapped it up. Instead, Cruz issued mealymouthed excuses and regrets, exposing what a weak-kneed heel he truly is.